Cracking codes with python

ofer shmueli
1 min readOct 13, 2021

Great book for anyone who wants to learn how cryptography works, and how to implement the knowledge using python

Im a big gan of cryptography and when it comes to transposition ciphers , substitution ciphers and the classic caesar cipher . you will find me hooked

That is why i got excited reading “Cracking codes with python” one of the best books that does both. teach you the theory behind the classic and modern ciphers and build the foundation to deliver that into a true python script/program

The theoratical part is composed of the basics ( shift cipher as caesar cipher ) , double encryption . key space , moves on to transposition and substitution and from there , it discusses the most important elements that you need to understand in order to program : integars, floating point units, math operations and storing them as variables

And this is only the starting point

Cracking codes with python is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to enrich it’s crypto skills with functional tools