Book Of Secrets

Cryptography Handbook For Beginners

Let’s start with a question

You Enter your office and you need to enter a 4-character password

The keypad has 10 digits

“How many password possibilities are there? “

Using basic math, The answer is 10 to the power of 4 ( you multiply 10 by itself 4 times )

This question actually leads to some basic crypto terminology

  • The secret key complexity is 10 digits from 0–9

When we deal with cryptography, the art of hiding things, anyone knows what is the cipher algorithm that generated the cipher message. But the attacker/hacker tries to find out what is the secret key

“Book Of Secrets”, will walk you through the most important cryptographic concepts from the classic era up until now. we will look at different use cases and learn how encryption and cryptanalysis work.

This book is a fascinating journey to one of the most secret and unknown skill

Every chapter includes hands-on practices

It is written for beginners and intermediate users