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In a recent article, I wrote about getting around in your wifi environment, using the airport utility available on the terminal, in this article, we will look at Network commands, starting from the most popular and quite mythical, ifconfig. Once you get more familiar with your Mac Terminal, the sky is the limit, you can do magical things, on your Mac with text-based access to your operating system using its command-line interface (and not just the basics, as creating files, directories, and assign permissions).

1. List available network interfaces

The ifconfig command will list all available network interfaces, including their IPV4 and IPV6 addresses, their MAC addresses, the interface MTU, which is basically the size of the allowed packet in your network, the standard is 1500 bytes. …

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As a firewall admin, your job is not only to configure user password policy or the allowed protocols in use, it’s a hell more than that. you need to :

  • Configure interfaces
  • Build Firewall rules
  • Configure Routes ( either dynamic or static
  • Backup configurations
  • Understand your firewall sessions, within the different protocols
  • Analyze the logs that are generated
  • Pay attention to your resources ( memory and CPU )

If you are new to Fortigate firewall, or just moving from another firewall platform ( Check-Point, Palo alto ). then this book is for you

My Fortigate Firewall Admin Pocket Guide E-book is here for one purpose only. to give you the skills to administrate your Fortigate firewall Fast with a solid foundation

Did you know that your firewall has an iperf3 client built inside?

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If you are the owner of a FortiGate firewall, then you are lucky to have iperf client built inside

Your iperf client allows you to take throughput measures between different interfaces or between your FortiGate firewall and public iperf servers (

iperf is much more accurate and reliable than the dozens or more speed test tools available everywhere. it is an open-source tool that tests your network performance, with respect to the protocols used ( UDP or TCP ), amount of parallel TCP connections, TCP window size…

You can install iperf either as a client or as a server on any Linux, Windows, or Mac computer and you can also use public free iperf servers against your iperf client to test and get reports on the bandwidth performance. …

On your firewall

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TikTok has gained media attention for the last 2 years, for its popularity, and for the fact that it collects a huge amount of data on its users including location, videos watched, clipboard, operating system, and the list goes on

As long as you control the connection which users connect to TikTok, you can try to block access to the app at the DNS level, using a block list of IP’s and domains that are related to TikTok

This guide is focused on doing that on a FortiGate firewall, but the method should be similar using Popular routers , and firewalls

Step 1 - get hold of TikTok domains and IP’s

TikTok uses different domains where it connects to when users log in, upload, or view videos. to cut that, you will need to google “block TikTok domains “

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The Amazon Echo Show is one of those home tech gadgets, that once they got into your house, you couldn’t imagine how you ever lived without them

When Waze (or google maps) came to our smartphones it changed completely our navigation habits, we can’t imagine our lives on the road without them

The Echo Show serves way more benefits than just getting us to our destination. It makes our everyday journey much more entertaining

So let’s look at the best 10 Best Features of Alexa

1. “ Alexa how do I look today “

The Echo Show is a smart display that you can place near your bedside table, office desk, kitchen counter, just about every place. Its style is very pleasing and it actually blends very well everywhere

There are 3 screen sizes that you can choose from, 5.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10.1 inches, and 2 colors charcoal and white.

See what can happen with a 15$ microcontroller

Part 2

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Following My article “how to create a fake access point in 2 minutes” let’s look at how we use our deauther microcontroller to deauthenticate access point or a station that broadcasts or listens in the 2.4Ghz.

By doing so, we actually use a denial of service attack, where our wireless access point or station cant establish a connection.

The deauth attack is done on my personal home gear, and if you plan to conduct one, be sure, that you have full permission to do so. It is described here for education purpose only

Part 1

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Microcontrollers are great, One of the most popular and cheapest is the ESP8266, an Arduino- chip on which the Wi-fi deauther project is based.

I have used this one with an OLED display to play around creating fake wireless access point, and deauthenticate ( another word for disable ) nearby wi-fi networks.

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I usually do security-related articles here on medium. from time to time, I also write on Apple devices, but most of the times, I’m a gadget freak, I love gadgets, and when I say gadgets, it starts with smartwatches to smart speakers, headphones, cameras, and so on

I adore technology and most of the time, when I choose a gadget, it has to have a strong CPU, up to date wireless tech, high res display ( AMOLED works best for me ), and a great User experience

So enough with that, let’s start

1. Alexa Show me my…

The same it did with our reality perception

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The first time that I heard of Apple’s Spatial Audio, one thing came to my mind:

Apple is playing with our sound perception, the same way as they were doing with our vision using augmented reality introduced a few years ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that it is a Game-Changing Feature, but the inclusion of it, alongside Augmented reality and the ultra-wideband ( UWB ) RF capabilities, coming to newer apple devices, will make our reality, virtual in both our vision, sound, and location.

AR Started it

Apple wasn’t a pioneer in augmented reality, but the launch of the ARKIT framework gave developers around the world a simple and powerful way to develop visual augmented reality layers, that comes out of nowhere and blends perfectly into reality as we see it. Apples spatial Audio does the same, but now instead of light photons, they are filtering and playing with sound waves. …

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Following my recent articles on the magic of your Mac Terminal, it is time to look at one power user command that will teach you a lot of what is happening in your Mac.

The command is the TOP command, just type top on your terminal and you will be overwhelmed, with the amount of data exposed. this is your processes list view:


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