7 must-have gadgets for this Christmas

I usually do security-related articles here on medium. from time to time, I also write on Apple devices, but most of the times, I’m a gadget freak, I love gadgets, and when I say gadgets, it starts with smartwatches to smart speakers, headphones, cameras, and so on

I adore technology and most of the time, when I choose a gadget, it has to have a strong CPU, up to date wireless tech, high res display ( AMOLED works best for me ), and a great User experience

So enough with that, let’s start

1. Alexa Show me my…

I admit it, I didn’t really appreciate the change this device can make in my life

I have had the echo dot, used it, loved it, but finally, it found itself on my desk drawer, forgotten

I also, use the Alexa app on my phone, and yep, it is quite powerful, once you open it up to new skills

But then the Echo Show appeared, and immediately, integration to common devices started to make sense, one of them was my rather cheap but still capable Wyze camera

Some specs

So the Echo Show, is not an Echo Dot speaker, with a screen, This last addition, changes it all to me, from using it as a photo screen display ( using amazon photos ) to getting the weather, Web browsing, video calls, but the most valuable asset for me was my camera integration.

Once you enable the Wyze skill on your Alexa app and name your camera with a friendly name ( backyard, front door… ), you can start to view your camera screen immediately, just by saying “Alexa show me my <camara name >

The amazon echo show can be found here https://amzn.to/2UblQTR , you have 3 different sizes to choose from, 5.5,8 and 10.1 inches. I use the 8 inches, as I found it the most compelling in terms of space

2. Amazefit GTS Smartwatch

Alright, I know what you are thinking ( especially Apple and Garmin watch users )

But hey, this watch costs less than 150$, material-wise, it is great, and it includes GPS tracking, water resistance, fantastic battery life, a huge 1.65-inch fantastic AMOLED display which is bright, really bright, more than a dozen sports modes, notifications from your smartphone, heart rate monitor, but the best thing is that it just works great, it is really a good smart sport watch, which proves itself, more than 3 months having it

In the beginning, it used to have GPS issues, but it was solved with the company releasing a software update to the smartwatches

Huami, The company behind the Amazefit smartwatches has been doing a huge leap in the last 2 years, with a series of sports smartwatches, very accurate sensors ( SPo2, heart rate, sleep tracking )

Amazefit GTS can be found here https://amzn.to/36iS0SW , you can choose different colors ( i personally love the desert gold )

3. Kingston Encrypted USB

That’s right, a USB flash drive, with a keypad, This hardware-encrypted USB flash drive https://amzn.to/3knms3u comes with some very interesting and fancy specs, 256bit AES encryption, and a full keypad ranging from 0–9 for you to enter your secret PIN

The module itself consists of a USB 3.0 capable Encryption controller (EC), eMMC memory, a security controller (SC), a non-replaceable battery, and a user interface with three LEDs and eleven (11) buttons.

The user PIN ( from 7–15 digits) is used to generate the encryption key ( together with a key derivation function, that we will not get into )

The encryption of data is done at the USB level, and not on the host computer, which eliminates the host computer as an attack vector, more than that, the USB port itself is not connected to the security controller of the USB drive, so no one can record the user input while it is connected to the computer. any data that is sent to our host computer is already decrypted.

The encryption algorithm is AES256 which in terms of encryption, it will take zillions of years to brute force.

4. AirPods Pro

The reason I’m choosing the AirPods Pro and not the original Airpods is due to one thing only

Spatial Audio

There are dozens of wireless headphones in the market, some are really good and way cheaper than apples, but no one supports spatial audio

I have written about it in medium, and this surround sound technology is changing our sound perception, you will also need iOS 14 in your source device ( iPhone, iPad ) to use it. currently, not everyone is supporting spatial audio ( Apple TV does for sure ), but I believe that we will see Netflix and amazon coming along soon

AirPods Pro can be found here https://amzn.to/3kgJYyT

5. MiBox S

Probably one of the best streamers in the market, definitely one of the cheapest.

once you connect it to your TV, you will turn your TV into a smart TV, with Android TV on board, every content that you can dream of ( Netflix, Youtube ) 4K HDR support, Voice remote, download hundreds of applications, but the main thing is that it just works fast and reliable, with a very fast and pleasant user interface


6 & 7. Blink Mini Indoor Camera

No, It isn’t a Nest or an Arlo camera

But it works great, and it can be controlled with your amazon echo show device. it’s way cheaper, supports 2-way audio, which lets you speak to your echo show device from your living room and let everyone hear you from the outside

I have used both the Wyze camera https://amzn.to/3lpkvVy and the Blink Mini camera, both are just great for outdoor viewing, they are both cheap and very handy, doesn’t take space and really easy to set up

You can find the blink camera here https://amzn.to/36lKzu9





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