10 best Reasons to get your hands on Alexa

The Amazon Echo Show https://amzn.to/39dDXku is one of those home tech gadgets, that once they got into your house, you couldn’t imagine how you ever lived without them

When Waze (or google maps) came to our smartphones it changed completely our navigation habits, we can’t imagine our lives on the road without them

The Echo Show serves way more benefits than just getting us to our destination. It makes our everyday journey much more entertaining

So let’s look at the best 10 Best Features of Alexa

1. “ Alexa how do I look today “

The Echo Show is a smart display that you can place near your bedside table, office desk, kitchen counter, just about every place. Its style is very pleasing and it actually blends very well everywhere

There are 3 screen sizes that you can choose from, 5.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10.1 inches, and 2 colors charcoal and white.

2. “Alexa play some music”

It is not only a smart display, it is a great smart speaker, with sound quality, that beats almost any Bluetooth speaker I know.

You can listen to music, radio, watch movies with a loud yet crystal clear sound that fills my entire bedroom even with the Echo Show 5 that has the smallest speakers of the three.

You can also adjust different sound settings ( bass, mid…) using your touch display

3 “Alexa can you recognize my voice “

Even for non-native English speaking like me, the speech recognition is amazingly correct, I can’t remember the Echo Show having trouble understating what I said. You can fine-tune your voice profile, if needed, using Alexa

4. “ Alexa what is the screen size of the echo show 5”

Most of the time, you will use your Echo Show with your voice commands, but there are that you will want to navigate one of the 2 available browsers, or set up a custom wallpaper. The screen is a Feature-rich touch display very responsive, and bright.

If you are interested in the visual experience more than anything, then the echo show 8 and the 10.1 will be the most appropriate

5. “Alexa ask Lexus to start my car “

That is probably the number 1 reason that the Echo Show is so productive. Each skill is an app, that adds audio/visual information to your Echo, and developers are bringing thousands of them, from trivia games, yoga lessons, to Disney stories and connected car skills just enable them on your Alexa account

6 “Alexa drop-in dad”

Another one of those must use Alexa features. Drop-in will allow you to connect to any of your Echo devices and immediately listen and see what is going on. An intercom alike feature that will allow you to hear anything in the device range. at the start, you will see a frosted glass screen that easily translates into a clear video, so that everyone will have time to prepare for the drop in call.

Drop-in doesn’t require the other side to answer ( all is done with the other side permission )

7. “Alexa call mom”

Yes, you can use your echo show to communicate through messaging or through video call, once you have the other side contact details on your Alexa app. you can also send a text-based message or a voice message. in the U.S you can use this feature to place calls to almost any cellular or fixed-line number

8. “Alexa play tune in radio”

You can also use your Echo Show device to watch movies, tv-series from amazon prime, listen to music, hear podcasts, and audible books. Most of the services are free of charge

9. “Alexa show me my backyard”

That is the reason, why I bought the Echo Show, the integration to smart home devices, in my cases it was a cheap Wyze camera. once you enable the skill on the Alexa app ( in my case just look for the Wyze skill or any other supported camera ).

You can tell Alexa to show you a live video feed from your camera, and even speak directly through the camera integrated speaker

10. Price

Probably the best part of the Echo Show is the price. You get tons of features, skills, AI, and communication capabilities for a very affordable price. check them out on amazon ( Great deals this Black Friday )

Echo Show 5 — https://amzn.to/2Iz22aV

Echo Show 8 — https://amzn.to/32Lu35R

Echo Show 10.1 — https://amzn.to/3pyglNm





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